Has your environment been out of sync? Are you looking for a team that shares a common purpose? I work with clients to ensure that not only is everyone on the same page, but they are driven to communicate and share a passionate vision of the workplace and brand.


Energize your workplace and experience new heights of connectivity.

Don’t settle for standard. Create a thriving culture.

Energize your workplace with

team alignment

This tier offers startups and small businesses a 5-hour session that consists of:

Basic Team Building - Company Culture & Employee Synchronization. This is how to utilize one another to maximize total output, while decreasing employee turnover.

Startups & Small Business (< 50)

In order to establish common purpose and ideals between a group of people an establishment of culture is necessary. Culture is the #1 reason to stay in a company brand or be a long term employee. Learn how to create a sustainable organization through Social, Employee and Customer management strategies.

Enterprise (50+)

This workshop includes a discussion on image-management and incorporates storytelling tips that span self, team, organization and ideals. Go beyond the basics of public speaking by learning how to set the tone whether it’s for a Trade Conference or a Board Meeting. Build your brand by creating a personal eminence along with a selling point and reputation.

Executive Brand Building

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