Executive Presence and Leadership Training



Learning to steer the ship

We take a big picture look at your business, your team and your culture. We understand the needs of your company and chalk out personnel, leadership, sales and management strategies. We check in every week and put out fires, recalibrate and stay on our improvement plans till we hit the targets. And we never miss the forest for the trees.  

Owning the Boardroom, Earning Respect

In 1:1 sessions, we learn the skills needed to be heard, to be understood and to be persuasive. You can win people over quickly and decisively with your arguments, learn how those can be crafted and deployed.  

Improved producivity

Whether its a new team or an old one with a bad start, teams struggle all the team for a variety of reasons. With the Culture of Speak approach, we can nip the problems in the bud and get your team working hard and smart in the same direction.  


I’ve trained Executives and Professionals in Communication, Leadership and Culture skills for over 10 years. Traveled to 17 countries, had clients from almost as many places, taught thousands of college students. 

When you work with me, you get time-tested methods, customization, clear outcomes and consistency.

Most importantly, I've got your back.

Want to learn more? Contact me today for an initial consultation, let's get started!


“Arjun was able to mold his lesson plans into something that would benefit my activities better – including cultural speeches, pageant training, on-stage presence skills, and much much more.”


- Jenn Chung
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