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Speak and Lead with Impact

I provide Corporate-level Coaching for Executives and their teams. 


My approach is to hone your speaking, problem solving and conflict management skills to build the kind of teams you enjoy working with.


Working with me opens doors to successful projects, promotions and most importantly, strong bonds with your peers with full alignment, and everyone is on the same page. 

That's a Culture of Speak. 


How I can help you

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Organizational Development
Build the Culture you want

Working closely with company management or ownership, I help chart the right strategies for strong company culture, in keeping with the company's mission and vision. Not clear about those? No worry, I can help you develop a clear and effective multi-year plan to grow, hire, optimize and achieve your goals. 

Business Meeting
Executive Communication 
Owning the Boardroom, Earning Respect

In 1:1 sessions, I work with Executives to improve Influence, Persuasion and Communication skills. You will learn to effectively make business cases, handle conflict, manage relationships and build your Executive Presence. 

Team Development
Creating Synergy

Whether its a new team or an old one with a bad start, teams struggle for a variety of reasons. With the Culture of Speak approach, we can nip the problems in the bud and get your team working hard and smart in the same direction.



I am an Executive Coach to Silicon Valley Tech Company Leaders, University Lecturer in Communication and Leadership at San Jose State's MBA Program, as well as an award-winning Public Speaker

Most recently, I authored a book"Communication means talking together: How you can inspire your team and lead with purpose". 


I have over a decade of Corporate Coaching, Training, Consulting, Organizational Development as well as Large Group Seminars, Team Development and other forms of Professional Development Training, twice selected ‘Best Speech Coach in the Bay Area’. 

I bring a lifelong experience of being part of family-owned businesses, and helping students and entrepreneurs alike find their voice.

Watch me in Action


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“Arjun was able to mold his lesson plans into something that would benefit my activities better – including cultural speeches, pageant training, on-stage presence skills, and much much more.”


- Jenn Chung

Training Packages


Lead with Poise

Present with Confidence

Manage Conflict Effectively

Persuade with Impact

Handle Meetings effectively

All Materials Included

Executive Presence

Executive Presence Building

Learn how to have Influence

Practice Strategic Communication

Develop Organizational Leadership

All Materials Included

Leadership Audit

Goal Setting Exercise

Corporate Package

Customized Consulting and Training Plan for your large team or organization

Communication and Leadership Seminar Series for Teams

1:1 Executive Coaching for Key Leaders

Change Management