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Building Bridges: How to Develop Trust by Taking Risks

What is trust? Trust is a feeling, a relationship, and a way of being.

It's in everything we do with others.

Putting aside for a minute our doubts, our worries, our concerns, even sometimes previous bad experiences.

For the sake of a better relationship moving forward.

 It's hard to be trusting in today's business world, which can feel dog-eat-dog.

 At the same time when you find it, when you can implement it, establish it, and operate upon it.

It makes work move by so much better, not only because we’re able to agree more easily on big decisions, but even the small things.

They don't bother us as much anymore and that's a very important thing, because small things add up.

They create doubt. They create concern. And of course, distrust.

So then one might wonder, how do you create trust, especially if it was broken once?

Well part of it is obvious, you establish rules.

Rules make us clear about how to engage with others. Rules give us a road map, a checklist, instructions of how to support each other. For enforcing rules, incentives are essential, because if we don't see how we benefit or lose from trusting or not trusting, we have no reason to do it.

In the final estimation, trust me, it comes down to taking a leap of faith at risk of failure, rejection, or even betrayal.

And this leap of faith can be devastating, if it indeed is rejected or in any other way unsuccessful but if the sleep of faith lands successful and pushes the brightest, clearest path forward that was never possible before.

So, this holiday season think of somewhere someone who was once worth trusting but the relationship lost its way.

Find that leap of faith. Consider your motivations. Then trust again.


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