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Communication is about Choices

As you ready for the end of the year and the incoming new year, here's some fun thoughts that might do some good.

Everything in Communication is a choice - one of the most powerful things we can do is be intentional about all we say and do. The more our words truly reflect our needs, goals, wants and our true nature, the more they bring us the fruits of our labors.

Accept the unexpected - We can choose to be as intentional as we want to be and yet Life throws boomerangs with regularity. That's Life! To keep our mind clear and focused, we must constantly adapt and find ways to see the new situation for what it is, and instead of saying "Oh no! What to do?" we say "OK, now what is the next step?"

Reciprocity - One of the most powerful human communication tools we have is the element of reciprocity. There is something in us that is truly deep rooted where we cannot stand "owing" someone a favor. Some may need a bit of reminding, but essentially when the favor is not in dispute, we do our best to make restitution and "be even" so we are at peace. This makes an unsolicited act of kindness a miraculously powerful action, for doing something without first owing something makes it truly meaningful.

So in this holiday season, take the unexpected in your stride, give and receive, and make choices you will be at peace with.


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