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How to be confident in your next meeting

Do meetings make you anxious?

Many have shared with me how the meeting situation is daunting - many critical eyes and voices examining your words and ideas, or worse, ignoring you.

Anytime a meeting starts to create concern in your mind, go over the agenda and highlight the portions relevant to you.

You don't have to say much in a meeting to make an impact, even just one well thought out question can leave a mark.

Meetings are ultimately a place for mental and verbal competition as well as cooperation.

Make your mark with 1-2 crisply worded thoughts that show you see the big picture, and yet emphasize you're a team player.

Why this works: Your authenticity radiates from your ability to show you've been listening to the speakers around you. The question shows you understand the matter at hand at a strategic level, and are willing and able to do the work of framing it for your audience to take a bite into.

Closing Thoughts: One person can't always solve the problem in its entirety, but they can certainly set the stage and put the discussion in the right direction.


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