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How to brainstorm better in 5 easy steps

Do you have trouble coming up with ideas?

Idea creation, or brainstorming, is a mind-body process.

A stressed mind or fatigued body cannot think up fresh ideas that solve your problem or create new opportunities for you.

So what you need is a kind of reset - maybe go on a walk for about 10 minutes, just around the block or one round of your local park.

Get fresh air and sunlight if possible, sitting indoors in air conditioning and artificial light is not ideal for creativity. If you can't go outdoors, even sitting near a window will do a lot for you!

Then, turn away from your laptop or phone, just for a minute. Try writing on paper or on a whiteboard. Some phones and tablet apps have stylus-driven writing ability, that might work too! Nothing quite like pen and paper, though.

Now you have hopefully a rough jumble of thoughts - try explaining it to someone that is a non expert. Can you make them understand? See if they have questions, can you answer them?

Last step - distill what you came up with into a single, short sentence (less than 20 words). Wordsmith and refine this till there's no extra words.

Now you have an idea, let's go out there and test it!


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