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How to plan when nothing goes to plan

It's a jungle out there - all your strategies gone up in smoke because of something that's happening thousands of miles away. Every planner plans for what's known, how many of us plan for the unknown.

A secret in leadership is that no one has all the answers, but some have the ability to ask the right questions.

The best question in today's era is - "what should I do if everything fails?"

Answering that question is a journey all its own - and the answer might begin by going inward and finding that magic ability to have the perfect vision, the same ability that got you where you are.

Ultimately, a vision is a picture, and all pictures are just dots that we are connecting to make a pattern. The more dots we add, the more of the picture we can see. It is only when all the blank areas are colored or filled out that we have a complete, hi-res and compelling image.

For your vision to fill out, you need to push yourself to keep creating plans and contingencies. Sure, you can't plan for everything or everyone, but what makes it all work is your ability to remember what made you get on the awesome journey to begin with.

Was it independence? Was it a fire to prove yourself? Was it excitement to be part of something big?

Whatever it was, if you can remember it and hold on to it, you might just get that powerful collection of dots in your head again, connect them as much as you can.

The rest, as always, is a leap of faith.


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