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New Year, New Ideas!

Hello all,

Wishing you a very happy new year, hope this finds you safe and well.

Despite so much in the world in upheaval, we are grateful for the few things in life that may be still worth holding on to - family, culture, career and vision.

New Year's Resolutions are out, Good habits are in

Do you have a resolution? It used to be traditional to set a goal at the beginning of the year (and promptly discard it as Spring came along).

Perhaps there is a better way to think about this - what's one new good habit you want to adopt (or re-adopt)?

Think of it this way - large, sweeping resolutions are daunting and easy to give up on due to the heavy lift. Small but effective habits are instead more approachable, and it feels like such a small ask of oneself that it's harder to drop off the table.

I'll suggest my own example - I made a commitment to a small habit where I chose stairs instead of elevators for the sake of fitness. I allow a 'cheat' now and then especially if I'm not feeling 100% or I'm running late, but otherwise it has been easy to adhere to, and the results have only motivated me to keep up with it.

Good Communication Habits

So if habits are a way forward, how can that be applied to Communication skills?

One simple suggestion is - speak slower with evenly interspersed pauses.

Why? People listen and process spoken information a bit slower than we imagine, and pauses allow this processing time to allow them to be engaged and not be overwhelmed.

An overwhelmed listener tunes us out, and that defeats the very purpose of speaking.

So, speak slower (maybe 10 words a minute less to start) and add mental "commas" along the way. Your listener will thank you!

Looking ahead

Habits are important, where do you want them to take you?

An assumption is we all want to be better at our work - more efficient, more effective, more productive.

Do more with less effort and in less time, and make more of a real, memorable impact.

There's always something we can do to gain the attention and respect of our colleagues, what is that in your life? Can you create an action plan for it?

Main takeaway - build your year around a thematic goal, find ways to achieve it, good habits to keep you energized and on track, as well as strong communication to be better understood, more persuasive and truly appreciated.

Wish you well always and may 2023 be the year for you!


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