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Rewards are the small things that mean most

I enjoy working with my clients, and helping them rise up the corporate ladder, or grow their business. Their success is a great source of joy for me, no better proof that my help or advice, or training, or support, was useful. It's really over and above that when I get a verbal thanks or any accolade from a client. But nothing compares to a client writing an article about you. [Read the article here]

I truly want to thank Mia Rong for taking the time and effort to write this.

What's most amazing is that the article itself, the writing ability, the story Mia tells about her journey of joining Adobe, Inc. and rising up in the's a testament to the journey she and I have embarked upon, where constantly working on one's communication and leadership skills creates a path forward and changes one's life.

As I am fond of saying, if you want to Communicate well, start by listening, REALLY listening, and ask a lot of questions. You never know where the answers might take you.


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