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Should you write a cover letter?

How do you feel about Cover Letters, do they improve your chances of getting an interview?

The news shows changing attitudes about cover letters, but they used to be a way to introduce yourself as a person and tell your story in a way that Resumes can’t.

At a lot of companies, though, cover letters still mean something. Though a bad cover letter may be worse than no cover letter at all.

For a cover letter to work, it would need to be:

1. Personalized and friendly - show your authenticity and sincerity as a person more than just a prospective employee looking for a paycheck.

2. Targeted- Show your interest in the specific role and company, what attracts you to the opportunity and the culture?

3. Demonstrate value - make it clear that you bring unique and desirable assets to the employer - show you have vision and initiative and a plan to hit the ground running.

Bonus - use the cover letter to explain away the problems in your resume - gaps, short stints at roles, lots of different kinds of roles etc.

In all, don’t look at resumes and cover letters or other application documents as individual components, rather as a set of items working towards your singular goal - making a strong impression and perhaps getting you the job you truly deserve.


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