Why should I ask good questions?

What is a Question?

It's an invitation for a response, even if that response is just the audience thinking about something in a new way.

When we ask more questions, people are more engaged because we stop talking "at" them and start talking "with" them.

You can ask people how they're handling challenges, ask for advice or updates, or just request some information.

The best part - when you sincerely ask them a question, people feel relevant, needed and heard.

And, when you thank them for the answer, they couldn't be happier.

Here's a great list of different types of questions:

  1. Open ended questions - short questions that seek long answers - "What do you think?"

  2. Closed questions - questions seeking short answers - "True or False" or "Yes or No" questions are great examples

  3. Specific questions - "What day did you last go to work?"

  4. Follow ups - "Can you tell me more about..."

  5. Clearinghouse - "Is there anything else you'd like to mention?"

What question do you wish people asked you more?

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