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How do you see yourself as a leader?

How do you see yourself as a leader?

Some leaders tell others what to do. Others do all the work themselves ("If you want it done right...").

Imagine your team as a growing organism. It needs a lot of care when it is new or green. As it matures, it needs less hands on care and more observation and expert handling, advising, mentorship.

To be sure, it takes getting your hands dirty to make a great tree grow from sapling to a solid oak.

Once you get it there, though, it starts to have a strength all its own, a mind of its own.

In the end, your team needs you to have the vision for seeing what lies ahead, built on decades of experience and innovation.

And for you to trust them to implement your vision in a magnificent way.

Give them the support to help them grow, and then the freedom to soar. They will make you proud.


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